Trump Wooing Abortion Ban Supporters As Fears Grow Of GOP-Led Federal Law

Donald Trump is campaigning for the support of conservative activists who want a national abortion ban, a measure supported by Republicans in Congress.

“Donald Trump is set to speak Saturday to a group of politically influential evangelicals who fiercely support him but would like to see the presumptive Republican presidential nominee promise to do more to restrict abortion.

Trump’s stated opposition to signing a nationwide ban on abortion and his reluctance to detail some of his views on the issue are at odds with many members of the evangelical movement, a key part of Trump’s base that’s expected to help him turn out voters in his November rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden.

While Trump nominated three of the Supreme Court justices who overturned a federally guaranteed right to abortion, he has argued supporting a national ban would hurt Republicans politically. About two-thirds of Americans say abortion should generally be legal, according to polling last year by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs.” [READ MORE]

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