Ted Cruz Furious That Biden’s Name Is On Signs For Popular Infrastructure Projects

Senator Ted Cruz is upset that President Joe Biden’s name is on signs for popular infrastructure projects around the country. But Biden is the one that signed the law and historically this has happened with previous presidents.

“Sen. Ted Cruz has accused President Joe Biden of using the 2021 infrastructure law to boost his re-election bid and is calling for an investigation into signs that credit the law for infrastructure projects across the country.

According to Politico, Cruz is taking issue with signs that say “Project Funded By President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law,” saying the administration has “highly politicized” the $1 trillion law, which the president signed in 2021.

“I write to refer this to you for investigation as a possible violation of the Hatch Act, federal law that broadly prohibits using taxpayer dollars for campaign activity,” the Texas Republican wrote in a letter to the head of the Office of Special Counsel on Thursday, per Politico. “Congress, not President Biden, wrote [the infrastructure law], and it did not do so to aid the President’s reelection campaign.”” [READ MORE]

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