Stolen Valor: GOP Congressman Wears Military Award He Never Earned

Republican congressman Troy Nehls has continued to wear a badge for military valor that he never earned from the armed forces.

“More than a month after a news report revealed that the Combat Infantryman Badge Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, wears on his lapel was revoked since he was never eligible for the award to begin with, the congressman refuses to take the pin off.

Nehls’ stubbornness has garnered growing criticism from veterans and others in the community of stolen valor researchers, who say the issue is simple: The rules for the CIB are clear, and Nehls did not qualify.

“The veteran community is starting to get to the point now where there’s no room for forgiveness at this point because now they see, ‘Hey, this wasn’t an error. He’s doubling down now,’” said Anthony Anderson, an Army veteran who runs Guardian of Valor and was instrumental in uncovering Nehls’ revoked award. “He knows he didn’t earn this award.”” [READ MORE]

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