Report: Musk Allowing Neo-Nazi Tweets To Thrive

A new report reveals that under Elon Musk, Twitter is still allowing neo-Nazi tweets to thrive on the site.

“Elon Musk, spent last week threatening to sue the Anti-Defamation League over its claims he has failed to tackle antisemitism on X, the site formerly known as Twitter. Now, a new report from the Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) claims X is failing to remove neo-Nazi, antisemitic, and racist posts despite being aware of the hateful content.

Researchers from the CCDH, a disinformation watchdog that Musk is currently suing, identified 300 tweets, from 100 different accounts, that they say violate X’s own hate speech policies. The researchers reported the tweets through formal channels and then checked a week later to see what action had been taken. They found that 86 percent of the posts were still up and 90 of the accounts were still active.” [READ MORE]

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