NBC Allows Trump To Push Election Lies In ‘Meet The Press’ Appearance

NBC allowed Donald Trump to use its airwaves to promote lies as part of his appearance on Meet the Press.

“Kristen Welker’s Meet the Press debut was focused on her interview with former president Donald Trump, and their sit-down, his first with a major broadcast network since leaving office, was pretty much what you would expect.

Welker tried, successfully at points, to make news and also to counter him on certain key facts. There were several moments that will likely prove important to his criminal indictments, as well as his presidential campaign on issues like abortion.

But interviewing Trump is perhaps a greater challenge and even risk for news outlets now than it was in 2016 or even 2020, as he has hardened in his determination to churn out long-debunked claims, to try to divert attention, to obfuscate and deflect.” [READ MORE]