Megachurch Pastor Who Advised Trump Resigns After Abuse Allegations

A megachurch pastor has resigned after sexual abuse allegations surfaced. Robert Morris was a faith advisor to Donald Trump.

“A pastor at a Texas megachurch resigned Tuesday after a woman accused him of sexually abusing her several times between 1982 and 1987, when she was a minor.

The resignation of Robert Morris, founder and senior pastor at Gateway Church, was accepted by the church’s board of elders. In a statement, the board said it is “heartbroken and appalled” by the allegations raised by Cindy Clemishire, who was 12 when the alleged abuse began in 1982. The church said it had hired a law firm to investigate the allegations.

“Regretfully, before Friday, June 14, the elders did not have all the facts of the inappropriate relationship between Morris and the victim, including her age at the time and the length of the abuse,” the board said, adding that the elders had known about an extramarital relationship but thought it was with a “young lady.”” [READ MORE]

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