Elon Musk Begs Advertisers To Come Back To Twitter After Nazi Content Controversy Exodus

Elon Musk is trying to woo advertisers back to Twitter, after they left due to the site’s support for Nazi content.

“As advertising moguls traveled to southern France this week for the Cannes Lions festival — an annual rosé-filled celebration of their industry — the biggest guest was someone who had crudely told many of them to get lost.

Elon Musk and his top lieutenant, Linda Yaccarino, were on hand to persuade brands to return to X in a bid to bolster their beleaguered ad business. But it’s unclear if their efforts worked.

Musk massaged his expletive-filled comments from November. A reminder: At the DealBook Summit, he lashed out at advertisers who had pulled back from X after he had endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory.” [READ MORE]

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