GOP Tries To Cover Up Biden Prescription Price Drop

Republicans are trying to cover up how prescription prices have dropped under President Joe Biden. “In the weeks since the White House announced the first 10 prescription drugs subject to Medicare’s new power to negotiate drug prices and signaled their intention to make it a major part of President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, the normally … Read more

White House Laughs Off GOP Impeachment Desperation

The Biden White House is skeptical of the Republican plot to impeach the president. “But inside the Biden White House, the response to House Republicans taking that step was more telling than the launch of the inquiry itself. “It’s not even wall-to-wall on cable,” a White House official said of the coverage of Speaker Kevin … Read more

Report: Musk Allowing Neo-Nazi Tweets To Thrive

A new report reveals that under Elon Musk, Twitter is still allowing neo-Nazi tweets to thrive on the site. “Elon Musk, spent last week threatening to sue the Anti-Defamation League over its claims he has failed to tackle antisemitism on X, the site formerly known as Twitter. Now, a new report from the Center For … Read more

Pals: Putin Defends Trump After Criminal Charges, Attacks Prosecutors

Russia’s Vladimir Putin is rushing to the defense of Donald Trump and attacking the prosecutors who have indicted the former president. “Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that the four separate criminal cases against former U.S. President Donald Trump are politically motivated. “Everything that is happening with Trump, this is persecution for political reasons of … Read more

Biden Impeachment Already Tearing GOP Apart As Greene Blasts Republican Congressman

Republicans are already in chaos over their planned impeachment of President Joe Biden. “Conservative Rep. Ken Buck is just one of several House Republicans standing in the way of the right’s push to impeach President Joe Biden. But his high-profile seat on the key House Judiciary Committee, recent outspoken interviews railing against the House GOP’s … Read more

Biden Cancels Trump-Approved Drilling Leases, Protects Wildlife

President Joe Biden canceled drilling leases approved under Donald Trump, protecting Alaskan wildlife. “In an aggressive move that angered Republicans, the Biden administration canceled the seven remaining oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday, overturning sales held in the Trump administration’s waning days, and proposed stronger protections against development on … Read more

Raving Trump Attacks Biden With Right-Wing Conspiracies

Donald Trump is attacking President Joe Biden with made up right-wing conspiracies. “Former president Donald Trump is, by his own admission, attacking President Biden in increasingly vicious terms. The attacks on Biden center on allegations that are exaggerated or unfounded, frequently drawing on right-wing media reports about the foreign business dealings of Biden’s son Hunter … Read more