GOP Set To Launch Onslaught Of Conspiracy Committees To Attack Biden Family, Spread COVID Claims

Republicans will use their new powers in Congress to launch congressional committees to promote conspiracy theories. “House Republicans are promising aggressive oversight of the Biden administration once they assume the majority next year, with a particular focus on the business dealings of presidential son Hunter Biden, illegal immigration at the U.S.-Mexico border and the originations … Read more

Pillow Conspiracy Kook Lindell: Put Me In Charge Of GOP!

Trump ally, millionaire, conspiracy theorist and My Pillow founder Mike Lindell wants to run the entire Republican Party. “Don’t sleep on the upcoming Republican National Committee chair campaign, says Mike Lindell. The MyPillow CEO, whose cause célèbre in recent years has been casting doubt on the validity of election results, announced his candidacy for chair … Read more

Loser Don Avoids Georgia As Warnock Campaign Surges In Final Weeks

Donald Trump is avoiding Georgia’s runoff election as Democrat Raphael Warnock campaigns across the state to keep his Senate seat. “Former President Donald Trump will not hold a rally in Georgia for Herschel Walker before next week’s runoff election against incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA). According to Michael Bender of the New York Times, Trump … Read more

Roots Of Musk’s Madness? Transgender Daughter Severed Ties With Twitter Billionaire

Elon Musk’s transgender daughter sought to cut ties with her father, months before he bought Twitter. Musk has promoted smears of transgender people and pushed anti-“woke” ideas from anti-transgender conservative activists. “Elon Musk’s transgender daughter has filed a request to change her name in accordance with her new gender identity and because “I no longer … Read more

Loser Don Has Dinner With Nazi Broadcaster

Donald Trump hosted white supremacist streaming personality Nick Fuentes for dinner. Fuentes has espoused anti-democratic ideas in line with the Nazi Party. Donald Trump did in fact have dinner with far-right extremist Nick Fuentes, who was at Trump’s club — as I first reported — with Kanye West. I was told by a source last … Read more

GOP Pundit Matt Walsh Faces Grooming Allegations After Sick Rant Surfaces

Conservative pundit Matt Walsh, who has frequently attacked gay and transgender rights, was caught in a video rant talking about 16-year-old girls being “fertile.” Hashtag #MattWalshIsAGroomer trended after viral discovery… Newly surfaced video of Matt Walsh has him giving extremely horrifying views on consent, rape, the age of consent and has him defending multiple pedophiles … Read more

Beam Me Up, Ron! UFO Conspiracy Theorist Donates Millions Before DeSantis Prez Run

Millionaire conspiracy theorist Robert Bigelow, who says aliens are on Earth, has donated millions to Ron DeSantis ahead of a likely 2024 presidential run. “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who appears to be eying a run for the presidency in 2024, cruised to reelection this month with the backing of a Rolodex of wealthy GOP donors … Read more

Dem Peltola Wins Race In GOP Stronghold Alaska, Makes Sarah Palin A Loser Again

Democrat Mary Peltola defeated Sarah Palin in the GOP stronghold of Alaska. “Democratic Rep. Mary Peltola on Wednesday became the first Alaska Native to win a full term in Congress, securing reelection along with Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who both defeated challengers endorsed by former president Donald Trump after state officials finished a final round … Read more

Groups Line Up To Defend Biden Family From Coming GOP Conspiracy Smears

An array of groups are lining up to defend the Biden family from smears created by House Republicans. “As Republicans prepare to use their new House majority to probe the Biden administration and the business dealings of the president’s son Hunter, Democrats are assembling a constellation of groups to respond. President Joe Biden hasn’t said … Read more