Praise Pours In As Club Q Hero Vet Gets Civil Rights Org Award

Richard Fierro, the military veteran who tackled the Club Q shooter, is receiving an award.

“Richard Fierro tells The New York Times that he “just went into combat mode” when a man began shooting at patrons of Club Q in Colorado Springs. Fierro, a U.S. military veteran and recipient of two Bronze stars, charged at the gunman, tackling and beating him until police arrived. Five people were tragically killed in this senseless hate crime targeting this LGBTQ haven. Fierro’s heroic, selfless efforts saved many others.

“’He saved a lot of lives,’ Mayor John Suthers said of Mr. Fierro,” the report said. “The mayor said he had spoken to Mr. Fierro and was struck by his humility. ‘I have never encountered a person who engaged in such heroic actions and was so humble about it.’”” [READ MORE]

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