Loser Don Goes On QAnon Frenzy, Can’t Stop Pushing Kook Posts

Donald Trump is obsessed with promoting the QAnon conspiracy theory, new research reveals. “But Trump’s first year of actively posting on Truth Social — which began in late April 2022 — suggests that the attempt to distance Trump from QAnon, if it actually happened, was not successful. Media Matters has tracked Trump’s amplifications of QAnon-promoting … Read more

Duh-Santis: Florida Gov Widens Mickey Mouse War With New Lawsuit

A new lawsuit powered by Ron DeSantis expands the Florida governor’s war with an American icon. “Ron DeSantis’ appointees who control a special district overseeing Walt Disney World voted on Monday to file their own lawsuit against the company. The five-member board of the Central Florida Oversight District voted unanimously to file a lawsuit in … Read more

“Horrendous”: UK Biz Bosses Sour On DeSantis After Weak Overseas Trip

Ron DeSantis is being panned by UK-based business leaders after his recent trip to Europe. “But Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis failed to impress British business chiefs at a high-profile London event Friday, in a tired performance described variously as “horrendous,” “low-wattage” and “like the end of an overseas trip.” The Florida governor, expected to … Read more